Social Worker (Adults) - Mental Health

Job Description

Social Worker (Adults) - Mental Health 


Within the framework of legislation, agreed Council policies and procedures to work with or on behalf of individuals and families, to assist them to resolve their personal problems and adjust to or change their social environment in order to improve their quality of life.


Assess the need for social work service including the identification of risk and the need for protection, determine the method of intervention, and decide and advise on the use of appropriate social services and/or other resources.

Liaise and negotiate with other professionals, statutory and voluntary agencies to ensure that the best possible service is provided for clients.

Manage and monitor an allocated workload within individual and group priorities and Council policies, and comply with the statutory obligations of the Group.

Maintain appropriate records of work undertaken and carry out required administrative procedures.

Prepare for and attend supervision sessions and staff meetings and make use of all available training and development opportunities.

Contribute to the evaluation and development of services and new ideas by sharing knowledge about theory, skills and practice with other social services staff, professional groups and interested bodies.

Supervise students where appropriate.